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Print Editions


Story Problems is a clever work of prose poetry in the form of test questions and the winner of the 2017 Palooka Press Chapbook Contest. Charles Jensen's chapbook is lovely, insightful, deep, humorous, and dark in all the right places. The kind of book that makes you think and feel.

Cryptographs in a field of goats is a unique work of poetics by Adina Schoem, winner of the 2016 Palooka Press Chapbook Conest. Adina's poignant and beautiful mediations spring from being out in the field, inside the barn, and immersed in a world of goats.

The Tontine Driveway is a raw and stunning nonfiction work by JL Schneider, winner of the 2015 Palooka Press Chapbook Conest. A complex narrative about a man yearning for the past, weaving myths and great thinkers into this meditation on the loss of people and place, whether memory serves the truth or punishes the rememberer.  

Honey My Tongue is a marvelous poetry collection by Sarah Grieve, winner of the 2014 Palooka Press Chapbook Conest. "These sexy, white-hot poems will bring dead people back to life and then scare them to death all over again...As I read them, I felt as though I were the moth and they the flame, that, rather than live in some other book’s boring dark, I’ll take my chances with this heat, this honey." -- David Kirby

Winner of the 2013 Palooka Press Chapbook Conest, Philip Raisor's book is fire in your hands. The war of sport. The having of dreams and the loss of them, dropped from the same hands that palm basketballs, carry rifles, attempt to erase the squiggly race lines of the '50s and '60s. He played with Wilt Chamberlain and against Oscar Robertson, but the real story here is in the flame of words, the way they burn in your stomach, in your mind, in your heart for so long after reading them.